How to “presell” and become a client-getting machine... even if no one knows who you are
(part 3)

There’s a client-getting formula little-known trainers and coaches use to fill $500-$8k+ online programs from TINY audiences…


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Sound like something you might be interested in? If so, keep reading.... 

What you’re about to discover is NOT for every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

If you get a ‘heart-rection’ from fiddling around inside of Clickfunnels all day and night?

...Or slapping together 1143-step franken-funnels?

...Or spending hours refreshing Facebook ads thinking that’s the fix?

...Or creating 200 slide webinar decks and tweaking the text positioning 100x?

...Or you’ve got the churn n’ burn mentality and don’t treat your customers and prospects like actual, real-life, freakin’ humans?

This is NOT for you. 

This path is different.
And even though I don’t engage in internet arguments, I’d argue the results with what I’m about to share are different too.
Because when you do things the way I’m about to share…  
You don’t have to chase people down.

Get high quality, PRESOLD leads, ready to join your $500, $2,000, even $8,000+ programs

The best part is, you don’t have to resort to any “buy or die” tactics or be a marketing wizard.
And it’s a heck of a lot more aligned, easier, more profitable than the old traditional way of sales and marketing.
First, let me explain WHY it works so well. 

Then I’ll explain HOW it works.
It’s drilled in our brains at a young age that we need MORE.
When it comes to growing a coaching business focusing on MORE, rather and quality is often the easiest way to burn yourself out.
Getting any old person to raise their hand to work with you… Or fill out a coaching application… Or hop on a sales call… Or opt-in to your email list…
…Does NOT lead to more high-quality clients!
For most people, it usually leads to MORE headache clients, price shopping prospects, and people who don’t even have the problems that you help people.
This is why coaches bounce from one business coach to the next… 
Searching for the perfect funnel, the ideal “program length,” the magical messenger bot, the “perfect sales script”.
Can I share a secret with you? 

A secret that I’m going to help you fix on this page? 

None of that matters if you get the WRONG type of people coming to you.
If this is happening to you right now, I’ve got some good news.
There’s a NEW plan at play that makes old-school, pound it down your throat sales and marketing unnecessary.

It’s called PRE-SELLING…

Pre-selling has the GREATEST impact on whether or not someone buys from you.
It determines whether someone asks YOU how they can give you money, or you trying to arm-bar them into working with you.
And it’s the secret sauce to how I’ve been able to enroll people into $2,000, $10,000, even $12,000 programs WITHOUT talking to them on the phone.
Basically, pre-selling is everything that happens BEFORE the sale.

This picture how I explain sales, marketing, and most importantly—the art and science of PRE-SELLING...

Want to attract high-quality, PRE-SOLD, dream clients like clockwork?


I blurred a few things out because I want to focus on the overall concept. 

I can’t get into the details here because that would take too long. And this is something that I teach in my $2,000+ courses and my $15,000/year mastermind.
Similar to baseball, getting someone to “home base” (aka scoring) is the goal. Home-base is when someone says YES to your program or service.
In order to make that happen, we need to get people on base–or at least up to bat. Right? 
If someone has NO idea who you are, what you do, or has never seen you before… they are NOT on base at all.

You need to get them on base for someone to have a SHOT at scoring

How do you get people on base?
First, we need them to CONSUME our message. A video, post, ad, image, speech etc. 

Once this happens, they either: 

***(A) Get on base if they’re interested (or something resonated with them… 

***(B) Get “out” and leave, because they’re not interested. 
Remember, you want to get THE RIGHT people on base. 

If someone would be a bad fit for your program you don’t want them on base. 

That’s why it’s VERY important to understand… 

The messages you put out MUST speak to THE RIGHT people
–not ALL people
to have a SHOT at scoring

Just like in baseball, people can get on base in different ways. Most commonly, they…

Hit a single (get on first), a double (get on second), a triple (get on third), and sometimes a home run. 
A “home run” is when you can turn an absolute stranger (someone who has no idea who you are) into a buyer. 

In the marketing world, this is known as having a funnel that converts on cold traffic. It’s the holy grail when you can get a complete stranger to buy something.

3 problems with swinging for the fences and trying to hit home runs all the time

#1. Home runs are the exception, not the rule

In general, home runs are rare. They take a lot of testing and a lot more resources. Most coaches who spend all their time, energy, and effort trying to make this work burn out and quit. 
#2. People don’t WANT to hit home-runs 

Something else to remember is, not everyone is ready (or wants) to hit home runs. By constantly trying to get people to hit home runs, instead of helping them move around the bases, you’re alienating a lot of great clients. 

#3. You strike out WAY more 

It’s easier to strike out when you’re swinging for the fences all the time. Which means, no prospects on base… no people to score… and no sales.

The good news? 

There’s a MUCH simpler plan at play… and it’s the client-getting formula little-known coaches are using to fill $500+ programs even if no one knows who they are.

The secret is knowing HOW to "move people around the bases"

Now, this is an entire topic on its own. 

In fact, I have a whole book that goes deep into the nuances of pre-selling… 
And I want to send it to you for FREE! 
All I ask is that you cover shipping and handling.
This book is going to break down copywriting and messaging and turn you in a pre-selling machine. 
It’s a fitness marketing guide to create content that kills, craft copy that converts, and master the science of selling WITHOUT selling out.
Inside I’m going to show you everything you need to know about Pre-Selling...and moving people around the bases.
This mindset shift has transformed how many coaches think about marketing and sales.
All you have to do is click the button below and follow the directions on the next page to get your FREE copy.
In this together,

- Joey Percia

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