Is the online health and fitness coaching bubble about to burst? (part 1) 

Here’s how to become a client-getting machine in any economy—even if no one knows who you are...


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Sound like something you might be interested in? If so, keep reading.... 

The U.S. health club industry leads the market at roughly $32.3 billion annually. 

Because of recent shifts in the economy, nearly everyone in this marketing is trying to move online.

If you're an online coach with clients in the US?
You’re no longer competing with your local CrossFit box, bootcamp, or weight loss center.
Now 6-pack Steve and Tone Thighs Tammy on IG are pumping out free workout videos trying to get a few people into their $20/month daily workout program.
Plus, you have a tidal-wave of business savvy industry giants like Beach Body, Peloton, Weight Watchers POURING money into their online advertising budgets… 

...FLOODING the market… and GOBBLING up massive pieces of the online health and fitness pie. 
A few coaches trying to compete with them will pick up some of their “scraps” that get left behind. 

But in general… 

Coaches offering “commodity-based solutions” will take a HUGE hit… and likely capsize

Does what you’re selling have a generic-message or solution? 

Does it look, sound, and feel live everything else? 

If so, you may have one of those “commodity-based solutions.” 

People with commodity-based solutions are selling something that’s EASILY accessible and comparable to everything else their prospects are seeing.

✅ Lose weight.
✅ Fat loss workouts.
✅ Have more energy.
✅ Be a better person. 

Notice how they’re all vague, general, basic promises or solutions? 

There’s nothing that makes them stand out. Or pop. Or tells their prospect, “YES, this one is for you!”

If you want to attract price-shopping prospects? 

By all means, keep doing this. But I should warn you… 

Coaches trying to promote, advertise, and sell online health and fitness programs like this… especially today… are going to get swallowed up by those multi-million dollar corporations. 

Sadly, most coaches don’t even realize this is happening. 

Because “traditional marketing and sales” basically told them that’s the best way to advertise is: 
  • Make a promise (doesn’t even matter what) 
  • ​Yell, scream, and spam everyone until people ask you about it.
  • ​Wrestle them into buying submission. 
Then they put all of their focus on that last part… 

“Here’s some fancy WRESTLING tricks, tips, and tactics to beat someone down until they buy.”

Or whatever other “buy or die” bull they’re pedaling. 

Anytime someone enrolls into one of my higher end coaching offers or mastermind (which can range from $2,000-$15,000+)... 

One of the first things that always comes up in conversation is the question… 

Is your solution “Google-able?” 

 “And can people can get similar solutions via much cheaper Amazon purchases?”

If the answer is yes, you’ve got a problem.
In the past, plenty of coaches got away with building successful coaching businesses despite having a pretty poor offer and messaging.
That ship is sinking. FAST. 

And not everyone will make it over to a new, safer, sturdier ship.
I don't have a crystal ball but I'm pretty well versed in why, how, and when people buy...And positioning offers and messaging to make that happen.
I consulted with my magic 8 ball and here's what I ALREADY see happening ...

... People who follow old sales and marketing tactics will file for divorce and separate from their business.
... People with mediocre messaging and sales strategies may stay together, but they’ll have less sex and eventually lose interest and trade them in for newer/different models.
... People with great offers, good messaging, and know about this “lead machine” will flourish. 

They will be, do, and feel more connected and aligned than ever. They'll thrive and grow together—in any economy.

Long story short, the health and fitness coaching bubble WILL burst for those who don’t adapt…  

Fortunately, there's a client-getting secret... 

 Little-known coaches use to fill $500-$10k online programs from TINY audiences

Over the next few short pages I’m going to show you how they do it and how you can do it too…

...WITHOUT over-hyped claims, monster ad budgets, or bait-and-switch tactics.
Most people won't jive with anything I'm sayin'.

Because I’m going to challenge their beliefs, thought process, and actions related to sales and marketing.
It may take some time to get used to this new and different way of doing this.

But once you get a hang of it?
You’ll quickly start filling up your pipeline with high-quality prospects with their credit card in hand, ready to work with you.
So, if your goal is to become a client-getting machine even if no-one knows who you are?
You must accept the death of traditional marketing & sales…
And embrace there’s a different way to do it.
Let’s get started...

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